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ssh-askpass on Mac OS X

Got a lot of errors like:

ssh_askpass: exec(/usr/local/libexec/ssh-askpass): No such file or directory

while I was using subversion in BBEdit trying to update my working copy.

Well, actually I don’t have ssh-askpass in that path, and I don’t know here I can get it. But lately I found I successfully update my working copy using Versions or Cornerstone. BTW they are all good applications with great UI. So I digged into Cornerstone’s content folder and found that it has a helper application inside called “SSHAskPass”. How wonderful~! Immedially I created a symbolic link using ln -s /Applications/Cornerstone.app/Contents/Helpers/SSHAskPass.app/Contents/MacOS/ssh-askpass ssh-askpass in /usr/libexec.

Works perfect in BBEdit now.



Versions 和 Cornerstone 都蛮好的,买了个Single User License后,一直在用Cornerstone



Cornerstone 看起来确实是不错。还有 built-in 的 diff 可以用。Versions 似乎是要调用外部的。

Zhen Sun


This don’t work for me on Murky… :-(

— Edson Daquinta


There’s a small typo in your entry. It should actually be

ln -s /Applications/Cornerstone.app/Contents/Helpers/SSHAskPass.app/Contents/MacOS/SSHAskPass ssh-askpass

Then everything should be fine.



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